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Our Investment Strategy


Most investment and money managers are just that… investment/money managers which manage your assets within a market portfolio allocated to various stock and bond positions. While there is nothing wrong with that, we follow the MATH because MATH does not lie and it never leads us in the wrong direction. And the math is clear… when you are ten years or less from retirement, reallocating some of your market portfolio to asset classes that are outside of pure stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, or any variation thereof, where the asset class is guaranteed against all principal losses, can and has outperformed the S&P 500 over the last 20 years.

This means that building a solid financial shelter must go beyond just your 6-to-12-month cash reserves and your market portfolio. Therefore, we build a custom financial shelter that incorporates asset classes that can be leveraged during market downturns, giving the market investments time to recover while not reducing annual cashflow. It just makes sense to protect and grow some percentage of your portfolio safely, once you are close to or in retirement. 

Along with your risk management strategy, we have an amazing platform called Managed Opportunities which is a comprehensive, personalized portfolio management program that draws on the expertise of professional mutual fund and separate account portfolio managers to handle the complex process of evaluating your investment alternatives, namely mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. 

This approach offers several potential advantages:

  • Access to prominent money managers: Your portfolios are managed by professional money managers with proven track records who otherwise have account minimums as high as $5 million.
  • Customized investment strategies: You have the flexibility to incorporate existing securities into your managed account portfolio or to exclude specific stocks based on your own personal beliefs and investment needs. 
  • Enhanced after-tax performance: Since you own securities directly, the timing of sales can be structured to take advantage of tax loss harvesting. Furthermore, if you like, we can use tax-managed strategies with low portfolio turnover rates, so more returns are structured as long-term capital gains. 
  • A fee-based compensation arrangement: Rather than paying separately for each service, you pay a single asset-based fee. This ensures that both you and us, the portfolio manager, are all working toward a common objective – growing the portfolio’s value. 

With Managed Opportunities, you get professional monitoring of your investments using methods that consider important issues such as your tolerance for risk, investment expectations, diversification needs and long-term goals to create a personalized portfolio that specifically targets your objectives. Easy-to-read reports are available via the Internet to keep you informed with up-to-date performance of the assets in your account and allow you to compare how your portfolio has performed relative to other investment return benchmarks. Together, we can plan to meet on a regular basis to see if any changes have impacted your investments and what re-allocations may be necessary to ensure your portfolio's investment strategy is in step with your goals.




Zero is the tax bracket we all want to be in! What is the point of building wealth if it is fully subject to Uncle Sam’s tax trap – where taxes could foreseeably double or triple and are certainly destined to head that way? 

Our Firm utilizes the most tax-advantaged ways to build true wealth. Some of these methods have been in our tax code since it was written. It is the tax code which directs us on the asset classes that are the most tax-advantaged and those asset classes are leveraged when building our clients’ financial portfolio. One of these asset classes is what we call the ‘Golden Child’ of the US tax code because of its structure and benefits… 

We believe in having full control of your money forever. For most clients, this requires repositioning some of the assets they have already built so that we are able to get it out and keep it out of the government’s hands. And there are legal ways to grow your money tax-free for the rest of your lifetime. We are talking about uninterrupted compounding interest inside vehicles that are legally accessible but remain tax free and are transferred to your heir’s income-tax free (estate tax requires additional planning).

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | 817-637-8121