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Our Planning Process




As your trusted advisor, we partner with you to create a comprehensive financial plan that understands your needs, your goals, and your tolerance for risk, and we design a portfolio that is right for you and your family – for current liquidity, for longevity and for legacy – covering every facet of your financial world.

Whether you are just starting out, mid-career, or close to or in retirement… we always deliver for you. And it all begins with a ROADMAP…or what we like to call, The Prestige Plan!

Unfortunately, most advisers still give the same old advice they have been giving since the 1980’s… But in working and extensively researching the root causes of financial insecurity and instability, that advice just does not work in today’s America.

Conventional advisors say to put your money in the stock market, tax-deferred accounts and take a 3-4% distribution at retirement which is BAD advice! As with most things in life, we have evolved as a species. We went from pagers to basic flip phones, to cellphones that are mini-computers which are more sophisticated than the computer we used to land on the moon – so, why hasn’t wealth building advice evolved with the times?

Years ago, a well-known business school asked its graduating class if they had written goals. Only 3% did. At the ten-year class reunion, the same question was asked again. The 3% that had written goals as of their graduation from business school were TEN TIMES as successful in business compared to their classmates with no written goals or plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Even if you already have an advisor, if you do not have a written plan that you understand and trust, there is great value in speaking with us. A professional opinion is simply invaluable… 

Client Centered

Each Plan Is Different… we typically cover the following areas, considering the best overall tax strategy, when building a comprehensive plan alongside you:

Clearly defining and prioritizing your goals and objectives.

Summarizing your current financial situation including your net worth statement, cash flow needs/budget, and tax mitigation – to see if you are sufficiently protected financially.

Current asset portfolio and asset management strategy review.

Retirement planning assessment including income, tax and cash flow projections where we clearly define the assets and project income shortfalls and gaps.

Once your Plan is finalized, we get to work implementing the strategy mix agreed upon. Through our range of services, we have you covered:

As fiduciary advisors looking out for our clients and their best interest as well as disclosing our conflicts of interests are essential to what we do. Here is some of the promises we make as your Financial Advisor.

  • We always put my clients' best interests first.
  • We will disclose to you any conflicts of interest I might have
  • We will always select the best product to help you achieve your goals.
  • We do not choose products for you based on what my compensation could be
  • The advice and recommendations we provide to you will be what we believe to be in your best interest and appropriate for your personal situation.
  • We will always be transparent in the compensation we receive for managing or selecting investments for your account.


Our Process Is Different Too – You already know we are different… but our process is unique as well from other standard wealth management firms. From our very first meeting, we work side-by-side to COLLABORATE with you and your family on framing your goals and requirements, understanding where you are currently, and identifying, agreeing, and tackling the gaps through a concrete plan of action… all while we leverage our expertise in finance to your best advantage.


In summary, at Prestige Wealth Management you will find we are interested in more than just the investments in your portfolio – you are not just a “number” to us. We are first and foremost interested in you and your family! Of course, your assets are particularly important, and we are highly qualified in that area, but those assets are truly a means to an end. You ARE the plan and you are the future!

It is upon our relationship with you that we will work shoulder to shoulder to bring together all the pieces of your financial life. That way, when you are ready to plan the purchase of that second home, send the kids to college, pay for the “wedding of the century” or even start that business you’ve always dreamed of, we’ll know about it – and we’ll already have helped you to prepare. 

Our step-by-step process is clear and concise. We spend the first two meetings “discovering” and “assessing” your wants and needs along with what your current plan (if you have one) is set up to do. From there, we “plan” and build your “financial shelter” with our team of experts. Furthermore, we then “implement” the structured and finalized plan and lastly, we continue the “relationship” on an ongoing basis. The Plan does not stop once you come on board – but in fact, it is the starting point of a long relationship we plan on keeping and nurturing with you. At Prestige Wealth Management, you are now part of our family! 

CONTACT US to feel the difference in our firm and get your journey to financial freedom started today!

Learn how our planning process can help you achieve your important goals 

Learn how our planning process can help you achieve your important goals